International Trade in Goods


  1. Where do I find the code lists?
  2. When do I have to report for Intrastat?
  3. What is Intrastat?
  4. What has changed in 2020 and 2019?
  5. There are no weights on the invoices. How should I determine the weights?
  6. My company ceased its activities. (Bankruptcy, dissolved, merger, take over or sale), what do I have to do for Statistics Netherlands?
  7. I received a reminder that I did not send the Intrastat report for a certain period. But I did.
  8. I received a letter from Statistics Netherlands stating that my company has to report for Intrastat, but my EU trade mainly involves services. Do I have to report anyway?
  9. I have an Apple Macintosh. Can I report via IDEP?
  10. I can not add third principal in IDEP, the VAT number is not known.
  11. How do I report changes that may pertain to my obligation to provide an Intrastat declaration?
  12. How can I pass on changes in address contact?
  13. Can I get permission to postpone sending the questionnaire?
  14. Can I get an English translation of the letter about the questionnaire International Trade in goods?
  15. Can I enter last year’s data in IDEP?
  16. Can I also report my non-EU trade (extra trade) with IDEP?
  17. I can generate my own file for my Intrastat declaration. How can I send this to Statistics Netherlands?
  18. Are there any changes for my intrastate declaration by Brexit?