Hospital readmission ratio model 2015

22/06/2017 12:00
On request of Dutch Hospital Data (DHD), Statistics Netherlands has calculated a model to derive hospital readmission ratios for Dutch hospitals, adjusted for case mix differences.
This report describes the methods that were used and the quality of the model is evaluated. The model is based on data from the Dutch hospital discharge register ‘Landelijke Basisregistratie Ziekenhuiszorg (LBZ) of DHD.

Excel file ‘Coefficients readmission ratio model 2015.xls’ contains the coefficients and standard errors of the model by diagnosis group.

The variables used in the readmission model are the same as used in the model for the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio (HSMR), published by Statistics Netherlands, see file ‘Classification of variables HSMR 2015’ and ‘HSMR methodological report 2015’ underneath.