Tax revenues according to EU classifications

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) publishes the tax revenues of the Dutch government on a quarterly basis.

These figures can be found on StatLine, the CBS database. The tax revenues are in accordance with the definitions of the European System of Accounts (ESA). A further division is made that is in line with the Dutch tax system. Figures for the previous year (t-1) become available at the end of March in year (t). An update takes place in June during which figures for the previous two years can be revised based on new information. These revisions are generally limited for taxes.

In addition, yearly figures on taxes and social contributions are sent to the EU at the end of September. Eurostat analyses and publishes these figures at the beginning of the next year. The National Taxation List shows the relation between European classification and the Dutch tax system. The National Taxation List can be found at the bottom of this page.

After providing Eurostat with the National Taxation List, the European Committee (EC) makes alterations in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance. The alterations are primarily a further subdivision of certain tax categories into economical functions. This EC publication usually becomes available at a later stage.