The “millionaires” referred to in this article are residents of the Netherlands with a household capital of at least 1 million euros, excluding the value of the home they live in and the mortgage debt. This definition varies from other  CBS publications, which include the value of the house and the mortgage debt. Household capital is defined as the value of assets minus debts.

Personal characteristics of the main breadwinner in a household are gender, age, ethnic background and level of education. In this publication, the terms “millionaire” and “millionaire household” are assumed to refer to the same entity, i.e. a household with personal Financial assets worth 1 million euros or more. 

Data on household capital are evaluated on 1 January of the report year. Hence, the phrase ‘household capital over 2013’ in fact refers to the situation on 1 January 2013. Data refer to all households (private as well as institutional households) on 1 January of the report year, provided data are available. CBS publications on household capital and household income usually refer to the population in private households whose incomes are known.

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