Internet skills

The following eight activities are defined as internet skills:

  • use a search engine/browser to access information;
  • send e-mails with attachment(s);
  • posting messages in chat rooms, news groups or on message boards;
  • making calls over the internet, e.g. via Skype;
  • design a webpage;
  • sharing folders to exchange music or films;
  • put text, games, images, films or music on websites, for example on social network pages, like  Facebook or Twitter;
  • change security settings of internet browsers.

The following four categories are used to classify survey participants:

  • unskilled: unable to carry out any of these activities;
  • poorly skilled: able to carry out one, two or three of these activities;
  • moderately skilled: able to carry out four or five of these activities;
  • highly skilled: able to carry out six, seven or eight of these activities.
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