Social media

Use of the internet and social media
The figures come from the survey of ICT use by individuals and households (2012). People aged over 12 were asked when they last used the internet. In this case we selected people aged over 15 for reasons of comparability with the research population of cyber bullying. The people who used the internet in the three months before the survey were asked if they used the internet for private purposes during this  period for  the following activities:

1. placing messages on a chat site, news group or online discussion forum,
2. for instant messaging, MSN,
3. to take part in a  social network, such as  Hyves, Facebook or Twitter,
4. to take part in a professional network such as LinkedIn,
5. to read or write web logs.

People who were privately engaged in any one of these activities in the previous three months were seen as users of the social media. In this article the share of users of the social media is expressed as a percentage of all people in the age group and not as a percentage of internet users only.

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