Supporting activities

These are activities that make possible or facilitate the main activity. The result of supporting activities is not intended for the market or for a third party

Supporting activities include:

Distribution and logistics: transport, storage and delivery.

Marketing, sales and after-sales services including help desks, call centres: market research, advertising, direct marketing (telemarketing), exhibitions, trade fairs and other marketing/sales services, customer services.

ICT services: hardware and software consultancy, custom-made software, data processing and database services, maintenance and repairs, web-hosting, and other computer and information services, telecommunication. Does not include standard software and hardware packages.

Administrative and management services: legal services, accounting services, financial administration, business management and consultancy, HRM, employee training, recruitment and selection, salary administration, medical, health and safety services, financial and insurance services, purchasing.

Research & Development, engineering and related technical services: incudes engineering and technical consultancy, inspection, analysis and certification; and design services.

Other supporting activities: all other activities not mentioned above, including production of goods as a secondary activity for companies in the services sector.

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