Primary schools

Schools may occupy more than one building. This article is based on the number of school establishments in regular primary education. In order to facilitate comparison over a longer period of time, the so-called mobile schools, intended for children whose parents are working in fairs and circuses, are employed in inland shipping and the schools for children of caravan dwellers (now abolished) are not included. These schools are relatively rare. Schools in special primary education and special schools for mentally and/or physically handicapped children are not included in this article either.
With the exclusion of the above types of schools, this article has been brought in agreement with the report ‘Grenzen aan kleine scholen’ (Size limits for small schools) released in February 2013 by the Advisory Council for Education (Onderwijsraad). The Council recommends to discontinue financial support as from 2019 to small primary schools, i.e. schools with an enrolment of fewer than 100 pupils.
To facilitate reading, ‘schools’ are sometimes referred to as ‘school establishments’. Mixing these terms up has no effect, because nearly all primary schools are situated on only one location.
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