Burn-out due to work is characterised by feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. These are measured based on the following five statements:
• I feel emotionally exhausted by my work;
• At the end of a working day I feel drained;
• I feel tired when I get up in the morning and am confronted with my work;
• It takes a great deal out of me to work a whole day with people;
• I feel completely exhausted by my work.
The possible answers are: never, several times a year, monthly, several times a month, weekly, several times a week or daily. When someone responds several times a month or more on average to these five statements, these feelings of fatigue and exhaustion are considered burn-out complaints.

The data are based on the national working conditions survey (NEA Nationale Enquête Arbeidsomstandigheden). NEA is jointly carried out by TNO and Statistics Netherlands and supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

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