Flood-prone area

The flood-prone area is defined on the basis of the so-called risk map. The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and provincial and municipal authorities collectively designed the risk map (www.risicokaart.nl). A specific point of interest is the risk of flood disaster. The current map shows provincial flood data and is based on knowledge of currents and state-of-the-art flood simulation models using the most recent data. The map presents the risks of sea and river flooding and shows the inundated areas, if dikes, dunes or dams give way. The map shows the worst-case scenario. The revised map presented in this article deviates from the original risk map in that data are not broken down by maximum flood depth. The map merely shows, whether − in case of a flood − a particular area will be inundated or not. The maximum flood depth may vary by region.
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