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Statistics Netherlands (CBS) presents large volumes of data to the public through StatLine and Open Data. Added up, the data covers more than 1 billion items. They are used by a wide variety of users including policymakers, journalists, private citizens, business professionals and researchers. However, users do not always arrive at the information hidden behind these figures. The StatMiner project is intended for these users so they can find interesting facts and patterns quickly by means of graphic exploration of the data.

The current version of the tool lets users explore tables in an interactive and visual procedure. It is possible to perform a breakdown of data in a table according to different background characteristics, or zoom in on specific subgroups. Aside from developing the StatMiner application, CBS conducts research into the best way to present data. The aim is to help users arrive at the right conclusions as efficiently as possible. For example, we have carried out a study on presenting the uncertainties which are often found in figures by means of line and bar graphs. The conclusion was that users were easily able to handle the extra information and drew the right conclusions from the data more often.

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