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Happiness Meter

Economic growth and material prosperity are often the key indicators of a country’s present situation. But economic progress is not always accompanied by social progress. There is growing awareness that apart from gross domestic product (GDP), other indicators are just as relevant to describe where a country stands. More focus is thereby being shifted to the population’s wellbeing. During the past few years, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has made major investments to develop better ways of mapping out the wellbeing of the Dutch population in figures. Aside from regular publications such as StatLine tables and articles, CBS now also offers an interactive infographic: the Happiness Meter (‘Geluksmeter’).

The CBS Happiness Meter presents the happiness scores in the Netherlands on the basis of the Human Wellbeing Index. Everyone can use the infographic to calculate their personal happiness score. To do so, they need to answer eight questions, rating their satisfaction with certain aspects of their lives. In addition, their personal score can be compared with the average score of the Dutch population or of a specific population group. The Happiness Meter is laid out in several steps:

  • First, the user needs to answer questions on his or her background while information on the relevant happiness score is given at the same time, e.g.: ‘How about in your own province?’
  • Next, an example shows how things stand with happiness in a group of comparable people.
  • The third step is to fill in your own scores on each aspect of happiness, such as your level of satisfaction with your finances, your health, social life, etc.
  • Finally, you will see your own Happiness score and how it is related to that of other people in similar circumstances.

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