Yuri, Statistical Researcher, Region & Spatial planning

Yuri Boskamp, Statistical Researcher, Region & Spatial planning, running past a row of windmills
The Netherlands has a large number of regional classifications, also called area classifications. Several of these regional classifications are maintained at CBS. Regions may change over time due to changes in municipal borders, for instance. To ensure that the same area is discussed within and outside Statistics Netherlands, we process all changes in these classifications in a register. The more than 18,000 districts and neighbourhoods and the reclassification of municipalities take up the most time. As a coordinator at CBS, I maintain a lot of contact with the various municipalities for this purpose.

After studying environmental chemistry, I applied for a job at Statistics Netherlands and it turned out well. Within CBS you can continue to develop both personally and professionally. I took a Green Belt course and now advise colleagues on how to streamline projects by analysing, improving and maintaining processes. I really enjoy this way of working together at CBS. Whether it's with colleagues within or outside of my team. I enjoy being able to support and help people in their work. This also fits in with my coordinating role with regard to the regional classifications, because here, too, I am involved in providing services.

In my free time, I like to run, and I participate in the Roparun every year. This is a relay race in which you run in teams a distance of 560 kilometers and where the main goal is to raise money for charity. In this way I also help people in my spare time. That combination of running in a team and also supporting a good cause makes this event so special for me.