Rik - Front-end developer - editing & content team

Arbeidsmarktcampagne met CBS-medewerker Rik Verhulst
I first came into contact with CBS during my Software Engineering studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences,. During my minor in Applied Data Science, I was able to work on a CBS project about cybercrime victims. Although this project was not entirely up my alley, I did discover interesting opportunities at CBS. This was a reason for me to complete my graduation project here as well. I was then able to start working here as a Front-End Developer and I have been officially employed here since September 2020. The CBS welcome programme is well put together and allows you to meet quite a few new colleagues straight away. As a member of the 'JongCBS' association I am still expanding my network within CBS and his also facilitates cooperation.

As a Front-End Developer you develop visually automated content and/or applications, i.e. the visible part for the user. Together with two colleagues I build these visually oriented applications and we use our figures in automated graphs and dashboards. What we develop, such as the Population dashboard, will appear on the CBS website. The technical challenges involved in getting it all to work as expected by the users is what makes my job fun. At CBS, we’re always busy with new products or projects, working together with different colleagues every time, and every project has its own technical challenges. I really enjoy this variety.