Florianne with her horse (in a forest), Information Manager, 2 projects under her wings to improve the workplace at CBS, 7 job positions to develop continuously, 15 training courses to increase her personal skills, 19 years of service full of enjoyable challenges    and at home, horse riding in the forest. Are you ready to join us?

Florianne - Information Manager

I did my Environmental Sciences graduation project at CBS, about butterfly counts. I stayed and became a trainee, worked in statistics for a long time, started doing project management and now I’m an information manager. I’ve been working here for almost 20 years.

I form the connection between IT, the support department and colleagues at CBS. I also facilitate workshops, so I turn up everywhere in the organisation. I know everyone and everyone knows me, maybe also because I chaired the staff association for 10 years and organised all kinds of activities.

For me, what’s special about CBS, apart from its social role, is that it’s a place where you can really grow – not just in your job, but also personally. I’ve already held seven different jobs here, and I’ve had the opportunity to take at least 15 training courses.

I deal with very smart people all the time; it’s all about quality. You learn a lot from that and it makes you smarter yourself. My work keeps me busy, and I like that, but when I’m at home it’s actually very peaceful.

We live in a wooded area, and I can often be found in the woods with a chainsaw. That said, I get the most pleasure from my animals: dogs, cats and horses.