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Interactive infographics

Statistics Netherlands has traditionally presented its data in many ways: in articles, press releases, tables, databanks, maps, bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs. New interactive visualisation techniques were first introduced a few years ago, with the Business Cycle Tracer and the Population Pyramid as the best known examples. As Statistics Netherlands has recently been developing an increasing number of interactive visualisations, they are presented in an overview below. These visualisations give a clearer insight into how important data on a specific area interact. As soon as new interactive visualisations are completed and released, they will be added to the overview.

Areas of sustainability

This infographic shows the development of sustainability indicators for 14 policy areas.

A long and healthy life

This interactive graph shows the age average Dutch men or women can expect to reach in a certain state of health.


Adoptions in the Netherlands. The number of adoptions by families living in the Netherlands.

Business cycle dashboard

The Business Cycle Dashboard shows the cyle of the seperate indicators.

Business cycle tracer

a tool to assist in the analysis of the state and the course of the Dutch economy.

Dutch housing market on the map

Dutch housing market on the map.

Early school-leavers in the EU

This animation shows the European Union.

Energy meter

This animation shows the energy consumption and the producer prices of the main enery products.

Establishments by economic activity

Establishments by economic activity.

EU Economic indicators

EU Economic indicators.

Exports radar

This animation shows the state and course of the Dutch exports in a glance.

Goods transport by sea

This animation shows the sea-going shipping; goods transported over sea to and from the Netherlands.

Green growth

The circles illustrate the trends on the basis of the indicators of the theme to which they belong.

Guests and overnight stays by accommodation type

Guests and overnight stays by accommodation type.

Guests and overnight stays by region

Guests and overnight stays by region.

Historical series

This infographic shows historical series.

Holiday destinations

This infographic shows where the Dutch spend their holidays.

Hospital admissions

Guests and overnight stays by region.

Household Consumption Radar

Household Consumption Radar.

Inflation in the EU

In the graph below, Dutch (HICP) inflation is compared with that of another country in the European Union.

Income distribution

The infographic shows how incomes are distributed across households in the Netherlands.

International trade

This infographic shows the trade between the Netherlands and other countries.

International trade, top ten gainers and losers

This interactive graph shows the countries and commodity groups with the largest increases and decreases in trade value.

International trade agriculture products, top ten gainers and losers

International trade agriculture products, top ten gainers and losers.

Investment Radar

Investment Radar.

Investments abroad by institutional investors

Investments abroad by institutional investors.

Largest price changes

The consumer price index shows the price changes of goods and services in the Netherlands.


This infographic shows the migration to and from the Netherlands over the years.

Personal carbon footprint

The Carbon Footprint calculates the emissions (in terms of CO2-equivalents) connected with your consumption pattern.

Personal inflation

Compare your personal inflation with the official inflation.

Population pyramid

The pyramid shows the age composition in the Netherlands (1950-2050).

Prices today and in the past

Prices today and in the past: how quickly does the value of money decrease?

Share of people with a foreign background

This interactive map shows the share of people with a foreign background per municipality on 1 January 2009.

Starting up a new business

This animation shows the number of days and the number procedures it takes to start up a new business in twenty countries, including the Netherlands.

Sustainable development

The pursuit of welfare, now and in the future, is the core of sustainable development.

Tax revenues

This infographic shows the tax revenue during the last 10 year.

Total invested capital

Total invested capital.

Willingness to work to 65

Willingness to work to 65.

Working mothers

Shows the relation between paid jobs, children and their age.