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For specific questions you can contact one of the following departments:

All Statistics Netherlands’ statistics are available via the website. If you cannot find the information you need via the website or in StatLine, or if you have questions about Eurostat publications you can contact our Infoservice.

For all media contacts.

Here you can order publications.

All national and international statistical publications are available for consultation at Statistics Netherlands’ library.

Den Haag

Office address:

Henri Faasdreef 312
2492 JP Den Haag

Postal address:

Postbus 24500
2490 HA Den Haag

Tel. reception desk: +31 (0)70 337 38 00    
(Not for statistical information)


Office address:

CBS-weg 11
6412 EX Heerlen

Postal address:

Postbus 4481
6401 CZ Heerlen

Tel. reception desk: +31 (0)45 570 60 00
(Not for statistical information)

Via Google Maps you can plan your route to Statistics Netherlands in The Hague and Heerlen.

Route description.