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Blaise® is a computer-assisted interviewing (CAI) system and survey processing tool for the Windows® operating system. The system is being developed by Statistics Netherlands and has been designed for use in official statistics. It is available to National Statistical Institutes and related research institutes. Please contact Statistics Netherlands to find out whether you are eligible for a license.

Blaise for Windows is a powerful and flexible system for computer assisted survey processing.

The BCP extension consists of a number of COM/ActiveX components and facilitates the integration of Blaise applications with other applications, written in VB, C++, C# or Delphi. Access to relational databases through OLE DB is also facilitated.

This extension of the system enables you to perform Computer Assisted Web interviewing. With Blaise Internet you can install Blaise interviews on a web server and let respondents answer interview questions via the internet.

Blaise is in use in many Statistical Offices around the world. There is a number of Blaise related sites with information and discussions on Blaise. The Blaise community assembles regularly in the Blaise user’s conference.

October 4 to 6, 2016 – The Hague, the Netherlands